Navigating Your Notice Period

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Navigating Your Notice Period

Congratulations! You’ve landed the next step in your career, now it is time for the often-dreaded notice period. Don’t worry, with the right approach these next few weeks can be a productive and positive experience.

The Legalities:

Know Your Contract:

The first step is understanding your obligations to your current employer. Carefully review your employment contract to determine your legal notice period. This is typically documented in weeks or months and can extend depending on the time served with the organisation.

When Does the Clock Start?

Your notice period usually begins the day after you formally submit your resignation, not including weekends.

Do I Have to Stay?

In most cases, yes. Legally, you’re obligated to fulfil your notice period unless you and your employer reach a mutual agreement.

Staying Professional and Not Burning Bridges

Now that the legalities are clear, let’s focus on leaving a lasting positive impression and making the most out of your notice period.

Professionalism is Key: Remain focused on your work and maintain your usual high standards. This ensures a smooth transition and leaves a strong final memory with colleagues.

Attendance Matters: Maintain good attendance and punctuality throughout your notice period. This demonstrates your commitment and respect for your employer, even as you move on.

Positivity is Always Best: Avoid badmouthing the company or your boss to colleagues. Professionalism is always attractive and can build valuable bridges for your future network.
Exit with Grace: Schedule an exit interview to discuss your reasons for leaving constructively. This valuable feedback can help the company improve.

The Handover: Become the ultimate handover pro! Create detailed documentation of your processes, projects, and client details. Offer to train your replacement (if there is one) for a seamless transition.

Even with the best intentions, notice periods can feel overwhelming. If your workload becomes unmanageable, communicate clearly with your manager. Discuss prioritising critical tasks and delegating where possible. Negotiating a slightly flexible schedule for short-term deadlines might be an option.

Acing Your Exit and Starting The Next Step In Your Career

By remaining professional, organised, and helpful during your notice period, you’ll leave your current role on a high note. This not only strengthens your professional network but also showcases valuable skills and work ethic to potential future employers.

Jam Management Consultancy: Your Recruitment Partner in Transition

While you’re busy with a stellar handover, finding the perfect replacement for your role might fall to your company. That’s where Jam Management Consultancy comes in! We specialise in connecting top talent with exciting opportunities, making your company’s transition smooth and efficient.

Why Choose Jam Management Consultancy?

  •  Excellent Network: Our extensive network ensures we have a pool of pre-vetted candidates ready to step in seamlessly.
  • The right fit: We take the time to understand your company’s specific needs and find the ideal candidate who aligns perfectly with your skill-set and company culture.
  • Reduced Workload: Let us handle the recruitment legwork, freeing up your team to focus on core operations and closing out your projects.

Get in touch today, and let’s make your career transition smooth and successful!


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