Is your team’s imbalance causing a pressure cooker environment?

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Is your team's imbalance causing a pressure cooker environment?

While not every team can be perfect, it’s essential to recognise and address imbalances in your workplace. Are these imbalances creating a pressure cooker environment? We aim to identify the potential reasons. The first step is to ask yourself, why? Why is your workplace like a pressure cooker? Engaging in self-reflection is the key to turning off that stove.

Pressure Cooking: What's in your Environment?

A pressure cooker environment is a workplace filled with constant, intense stress, similar to the steam building up in a pressure cooker. This atmosphere often results from tight deadlines, high expectations, limited resources, and poor communication. Employees in this environment feel overwhelmed, rushed, and under immense pressure to perform, leading to burnout, decreased productivity and a depressive environment. The relentless urgency and tension create a toxic culture where mistakes are common, collaboration suffers, and overall well-being declines.

Clear Communication: The First Step to Reducing Workplace Stress

One key factor that can lead to a pressure cooker environment is poor communication. Misunderstandings and a lack of clear instructions can breed confusion and frustration, especially when they occur repeatedly. The solution? Be firm and clear in your communication. This direct approach leaves no room for misunderstanding, providing reassurance and confidence to your team. It’s a sign of respect and a clear outline of what will come, relieving the stress of uncertainty.

Providing the Right Support: Beyond Communication

It’s not just about communication but also about the support you provide. If you’re wondering, “My communication is excellent, so why do I still have a humid workplace?” Consider this: If you were in their shoes, would you have all the required resources and access to the support you need? Communicating with the team is the first step; the second is delivering the right support. Providing the proper assistance and support is a sign of responsibility and care. You have to be awake and listen to them. Attending to your team emits a positive beacon in that person; you replicate it by hearing, and before you know it, your team is glowing.

Correct Caliber: Matching Skills with Roles

Another critical issue is having team members without the correct caliber for their roles. When individuals lack the necessary skills, experience, or temperament, it can place undue stress on the entire team. Tasks may be completed inefficiently or incorrectly, leading to errors and delays. This hampers productivity and lowers confidence, as other team members may feel they need to pick up the slack. Ensuring that each team member is well-suited to their role is essential for maintaining a balanced and effective team. This involves proper hiring practices, continuous training, and fostering an environment where team members can grow and thrive.

Recognising and addressing imbalances within your team is crucial to preventing a pressure cooker environment. Poor communication, lack of support, and having team members without the correct calibre for their roles are significant factors that can contribute to a high-stress workplace. You can create a more harmonious and productive work environment by adopting clear and direct communication, providing necessary resources and support, and ensuring that each team member is well-suited. Reflecting on these aspects and implementing changes can reduce the heat and allow your team to thrive and succeed together.

The beginning, middle, and end of your workplace’s story all have one thing in common: the people. Ensuring the appropriate people are in place is the concrete base on which to build. JAM Management has spent the last 23 years developing its portfolio by continuing to help organisations improve by getting the right people in the right seats. Our expertise lies in stringent assessment and targeted recruitment, ensuring that every candidate we place is well-suited for their role. By focusing on aligning skills, experience, and temperament, we enable teams to work efficiently, innovate, and grow, driving long-term success and stability.


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