Being a proactive Graduate while job hunting

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After school or college,

many graduates in career mode find themselves looking for jobs. There are always less job opportunities available than are needed by prospective applicants. Therefore, graduates need to be ready and willing to make some staunch efforts in pursuit of job positions. Here are some tips that might help:
Establish clear ideas about your passions. Clarity of ideas transforms into clear actions. Graduates must have a very lucid idea of what they are drawn towards and what drives them in order for them to be able to express these ideas to their recruiters.

Work on your communication skills. Good communication is the key to convincing your recruiter of your grit. One cannot stop working on improving their communication skills. Learn to communicate directly and with clarity.

Identify your unique attributes.

Intrapersonal knowledge is crucial when you have to convince your recruiter of your true mettle. Being aware of your strengths is quite impressive anyways. Tell your story effectively in your resume. Your resume must tell your story compellingly. It must be honest and must highlight your efforts and your endurance. A resume must show your recruiter how you stand out amongst other applicants.
Gain real-world experiences. Graduates are fresh out of their academic institutes. Yet, they must show their recruiters that they have experienced the world beyond their books. In order to achieve that, graduates in career mode must look out for internships and workshops to enhance their exposure.

Globalize. It is undisputed that we live in a vastly expanding global world. Having the knowledge of cultures and systems beyond yours is essential, as is the acceptance and tolerance towards ideas that do not resonate with your own. Graduates must prove themselves to be citizens of the world.

Work with a mentor. A mentor to guide you through the application and recruitment process can be very helpful. A mentor can be a senior, a college counsellor, or even an online guide.


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