Leadership is the Key to Success?

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People are the ‘greatest asset of any company’ is a well-worn phrase in the world of recruitment.

But whether you agree or not, it’s certainly true that your team members – from new recruits to senior management – are integral to helping businesses achieve their objectives and enhance performance.

Business leaders and those in senior roles can be some of a company’s most influential hires. These post-holders are crucial as they often provide and implement a business strategy, set out the company’s vision and motivate and inspire others to make this a reality.

Here, we’ll explore what leaders do and how they can be a key part of business success…

What is a leader’s role

The role of a business leader can include myriad different responsibilities depending on the size and structure of an organisation.

Usually, leaders are individuals who can inspire others using their abilities and influence to help a project or company progress towards a defined set of objectives.

In big organisations, there will be a hierarchical structure with different leaders for various teams. But all are united by a set of strategic aims for the company as a whole. Some of the key responsibilities for leaders are to:

  • Define business vision
  • Hire talent and staff
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Empower colleagues


How leaders can have a positive impact on a business

With many of the most respected global companies implementing this approach, hybrid working is likely here to stay. These are the organisations leading the way:

Dropbox, the file hosting service, made a permanent shift during the pandemic, allowing employees to work from home and hold team meetings in the office.

Codility helps engineering firms hire talent and operates a totally flexible working model decided by employee preference. Staff have the opportunity to decide whether they want to work fully remotely or split their time between home and an office location.

Location-technology firm TomTom opted for employee flexibility, rebranding offices as hosting centres to cater for face-to-face meetings and events.

What are the hybrid working challenges

Effective leaders can be hugely beneficial for a business looking to boost their performance. Here are some of the ways in which senior professionals can make a difference


An effective leader understands what they and their business are all about in terms of values and beliefs.

For Leadership to be successful, they need to realise that everyone from within a company is looking to them for inspiration and guidance with Leadership. This means they need to live these values as ostensibly as possible to demonstrate their commitment to the company alongside their integrity. Doing so can have a great impact on staff morale from the top to the bottom of a business.

Turn failure into opportunity

An ability to turn failure into opportunity is a key part of a leader’s tool kit. In business, it’s impossible for everything to go right all the time. But instead of reacting negatively, good leaders will turn any mishaps into a chance to improve, either how they perform or overhaul a process within a business. By viewing every error or mistake as part of the journey to success, Leadership can do much to keep morale high and instill a positive, can-do attitude within an organisation.

Motivate staff

The best leaders are aware that the success of any organisation is driven by a team working together rather than the actions of one individual. It means that there will be a recognition system in place to ensure those teams that do succeed are rewarded in line with their achievements.

An effective leader will also have processes in place to foster effective teamwork among the different perspectives, experiences and skills that make up a company. The more switched on will realize that acknowledging our differences makes us stronger so will aim to ensure that the talent they recruit is as diverse as possible.

Prepared to learn and develop

Those leaders who succeed are those that realise a company is a living, breathing organism rather than a static entity. Although successful processes should be repeated, it’s also important for senior professionals to be able to embrace change, whether it be in the form of new technologies or business processes. Challenging the status quo can be a great way of learning and developing and the most successful leaders are those who are always ready to try different ideas and perspectives. Keep your eyes and ears open, listen and continue exploring.

Communicate effectively

This attribute is something that every professional needs to master if they want to succeed, whether it be in person, via email or in Zoom conference calls. Those who are great communicators will be able to enhance transparency around them and their decisions, something which can help instill trust in staff and motivate teams.

Effective communication is also at the heart of building positive, functioning long-term relationships between staff members and different teams. Ultimately, those managers who do well realise that they cannot achieve everything themselves. They need to have good people in place with even better ways of communicating and motivating them.

Leaders need to be open, honest and authentic about where the company is at, the direction of travel and what it wants to be. They also need to realise that effective communication is not a one-way street. This process involves ensuring that teams feel heard and listened to as well as spoken to.

Inspire others

Perhaps the most important role of a leader with a company is to inspire others. As a leader, you’re in a position to set the benchmark for success. If you are prepared to go the extra mile and push yourself, then this should instill a hard-working mindset within all members of an organisation looking to you to set an example. You must be prepared to recognise those moments of high influence when they occur, then use them to communicate your vision.

Leadership | Why you need recruitment services to hire the best talent

Leadership can include professionals in senior management, board members and executives and can be particularly influential hires when looking to positively develop a business.

These experienced executives will have the skills, knowledge and passion to take a company to the next level by inspiring staff as well as being comfortable making difficult decisions and creating sophisticated business strategies. Working closely with a recruiter like us can help you secure the right people for these posts to boost business bottom-line and create a culture of success within a company.


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