Pastoral care in a modern workplace is a recent phenomenon and a much needed one. Pastoral care at workplace involves the kind of support provided to workers that addresses their personal issues and helps them overcome these issues so that they do not become a barrier to their learning.

Caring for others is a human quality, but it must not be assumed as such. Having a formal system of care where workers feel safe to reach out to seek help with their personal issues means that no one at the workplace will be left with an unattended need for support.

Pastoral care is a part of the overall support package for young workers, where emotional and psychological care is provided along with career, job and training oriented support. Pastoral care not only entails resolution of issues, but it is also about promoting a healthy lifestyle. This kind of specialized care makes life easier and increases work productivity by helping workers achieve self actualization.

Why is pastoral care at workplace important? Workers, especially new recruits, cannot be expected to be accustomed to the professional norms and the particular workplace environment. There needs to be a system in place to guide them through the process of integration at the workplace and in identifying their unique professional attributes. They need specialized care and nurture.
Pastoral care provides the supportive framework for individuals and group intervention so that workers can find mental peace and learn to balance between work and personal life. Pastoral care portrays caring as a moral orientation. The increasing demands of the fast paced work machinery can be daunting and may make one crumble under the stress at some point.
Pastoral care by people who can make one feel that they can approach the care providers without feeling embarrassment or shame is essential for workers in order to do their work effectively. This type of care at workplace is especially useful because of the familiarity the care givers have with at least one aspect of the life of workers.

Pastoral care performs many essential functions: healing, sustaining, guiding, reconciling and nurturing. Each function is directed towards providing care to the worker in need and helping them to achieve their prime potential by resolving any issues they have and by overcoming any impedance to their learning.

Pastoral care helps make workers feel well integrated at the work place and well adjusted to the work environment. To feel cared for can do wonders for an individual and can be an impetus for the revelation of their innate qualities. The availability of pastoral care at the workplace highlights the general notion of care for others and encourages the idea of constant vigilance about the lookout for anyone struggling with everyday stresses of life.


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