Graduate TECHNICAL Engineer

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Case Study: Recruiting a Graduate Technical Engineer

Client Overview:

Our Client is a well-established and rapidly growing company in the field of advanced manufacturing and technology solutions. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, Our Client has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Due to its expansion, the company aims to hire a graduate technical engineer to join its diverse and talented team.


Recruitment Challenge:

Our Client recognises the importance of fresh perspectives and cutting-edge ideas, especially in a technology-driven sector. They are seeking a graduate technical engineer who possesses the right combination of technical skills, innovation, and adaptability to contribute to the company’s ongoing success. The recruitment team is tasked with identifying, attracting, and selecting a candidate who aligns with the company’s values and can excel in a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Recruitment Strategy:

1. Position Definition and Requirement Clarification:

The recruitment team collaborated closely with the hiring manager and other stakeholders to define the role of the graduate technical engineer. This involved understanding the specific technical skills required, as well as the soft skills and qualities that would make a candidate successful within the company culture.

2. Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions:

The team focused on creating a job description that not only highlighted the technical responsibilities but also emphasised the company’s values, mission, and growth opportunities. The description was tailored to attract candidates who are enthusiastic about innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning.

3. Utilising Multi-channel Sourcing:

To cast a wide net, the recruitment team utilised multiple channels for sourcing candidates. This included posting the job on the company’s website, job boards, social media platforms, and university career centers. They also leveraged their professional network and engaged with industry-specific forums.

4. University Recruitment:

Recognising the potential of hiring directly from universities, the team established relationships with career services at relevant institutions. They participated in career fairs, workshops, and networking events to identify and connect with promising graduates.

5. Assessment and Selection:

Applicants were assessed based on a combination of their academic performance, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. A multi-stage assessment process was designed, including technical interviews, case studies, and behavioural assessments.

6. Showcasing Growth and Development:

During interviews and interactions, the recruitment team emphasized the company’s commitment to employee growth and development. They highlighted the opportunities for mentorship, training, and exposure to cutting-edge projects that would aid in the candidate’s professional growth.


The recruitment campaign resulted in the successful identification and hiring of a talented graduate technical engineers. The selected candidate not only met the technical requirements but also demonstrated a strong alignment with the company’s values and culture. Their enthusiasm for innovation and adaptability to a dynamic work environment made them an ideal fit within the existing team.

Lessons Learned:

Holistic Approach: By considering both technical skills and cultural fit, the recruitment team ensured a well-rounded selection process.

Proactive Engagement: Engaging with universities and attending career events facilitated direct connections with potential candidates.

Clear Communication: Crafting a compelling job description that communicated the company’s values and growth opportunities attracted candidates who aligned with the organisation’s vision.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly reviewing the recruitment strategy and adjusting based on insights and results helped refine the process for future hiring.

In conclusion, recruiting a graduate technical engineer involves a strategic and multi-faceted approach that considers technical skills, cultural fit, and growth potential. By combining effective sourcing, assessment, and communication strategies, the recruitment team successfully identified and on boarded  graduate engineer who contributed to the company’s ongoing success, and who have since then been promoted to higher structure within our clients organisation.

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