UI & Product Designer

Full Time
£50,000 - £55,000
Job Description

The UI & Product Designer takes products and overlays visually pleasing and effective graphics that match brand, accessibility and cross-browser support requirements. They consider the User’s experience of using the product to ensure features are bundled, labelled and structured in an intuitive way.

Great design: compelling design gives purpose to every pixel on the screen and ensures future additions and changes can be made easily, without the need for a complete redesign or diluting the user experience.

Innovative: creative design and an innovative approach to building the look of our interfaces to reflect the uniqueness of our product in the market, as well as keeping ahead of the competition.

Key Responsibilities

User experience:

The role is principally concerned with the user’s actual experience with the interface. Delivering a product that users enjoy and which helps them be effective in their role will be critical to our ability to retain and grow our business.

  • Identify the tasks and timeframes required to deliver design briefs.
  • Provide a schedule of works to ensure delivery of designs on time and in the correct order.
  • Design prototypes for web portals, user experience flows, happy flows, styles, icons, symbols and artwork, as well as new look & feel art boards as required.
  • Create new functionalities by bundling existing features, making it easier to perform actions.
  • Regularly communicate with, update and review design elements so that approval and modifications are ready before coding starts.

Testing & investigation

  • Test prototyped designs to ensure they are fit for purpose, including with users to qualify they are functional and appealing.
  • Validate that coding delivers the original design brief.
Experience Required
  • Good experience of developing commercial projects/applications in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS, typically of at least two years
  • Advanced experience with creative suites like Sketch or Adobe CC packages like Photoshop, Illustrator and XD
  • Experience in graphical (user interface) design
  • Bachelors Degree/equivalent, or substantial alternative working experience

Consultant Details

Salim Noorani

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