Head of Software Development

South East England
Full Time
£90,000 - £120,000
Job Description

The Head of Software Development is a leadership role accountable for the successful development and delivery of cloud native software and services . Managing a team of software architects, developers and IT Specialists, the role requires close alignment with the CTO, Operations Director and Product Director to deliver services that delight customers, exceeding their expectations and needs. The ultimate aim to deliver on our clients mission statement “to create outstanding customer experience through seamless engagement and data-driven insights”.

Key Responsibilities
  • Major areas of responsibility with a brief description of the expected activities
  • Team Leadership, strategy and planning
  • To lead a team of software developers and IT specialists
  • Responsible for development and recruitment of software developers across various agile teams to facilitate personal, team and company growth.
  • To drive strategic direction of products and services, incorporating new technologies and methodologies and maintenance or replacement of legacy technologies.
  • Provide executive updates of key strategic directives and key programs of work
  • Responsible for architecture which supports changing requirements, availability and scalability
  • To oversee alignment of technology and components across various technical teams, to guarantee consistency and quality across all development teams
  • Build quality in; ensure software development is testable and uses practices like Test Driven Development to reduce manual testing
  • To review project progress and team/individual performance. Building a strong high performance culture within the teams, promoting personal and team growth.
Experience Required

Communication and information

Report and meet with the CTO weekly to review progress of key business directives

Be pro-active in communicating any process improvements and share knowledge between teams and management.

Required Skills

  • Architecture
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Software Development
  • Head of Software Development
  • Degree Educated
Software Development
  • Keep up to date with latest technology and development processes.
  • Promote cloud native designs and architecture to allow service deployment in any cloud.
  • Ensure software is well designed and documented
  • Use CI/CD to facilitate fast deployment of well tested software.
  • Work with Q/A and Security teams to ensure best practices for quality and security are adopted consistently.
  • Create, implement and maintain a continuous improvement plan for software development and IT infrastructure.
  • Implement mechanisms to monitor progress of all software development programs.

Consultant Details

Salim Noorani

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