Applications Engineering Manager

South East England
Full Time
up to £70,000
Job Description

South East England, award winning Technology and Communication company, working on mind-blowing technologies and specialism, up to 70k

The Applications Engineering Manager arranges and provides technical leadership to small software development teams delivering application enhancements and maintenance. They assist the team in successfully and speedily navigating the design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of up-to-date applications and services.

Key Responsibilities

Team Motivation: a critical deliverable for this role is to invest in the development and support of the immediate team, providing them with regular instruction, coaching and feedback to motivate them to do an exceptional job.

Functionality: development releases will introduce new functionality that meets or exceeds customer requirements.

Bug Free: the jobholder should strive to provide development releases with a low or with no bugs, helping to reduce follow up support time and improve customer satisfaction.

On-Time: development releases deliver sometimes critical services/functionality to customers and so meeting deadlines/time commitments is highly important.

Team Management

  • Promote the Company’s cultural values across the immediate team and seek to incorporate their principles into processes and work standards.
  • Instil a culture of recognising and celebrating good performance/behaviours.
  • Ensure the team itself and individual colleagues are set clear work standards, priorities and Continuous Improvement (CI) objectives.
  • Motivate, coach and develop the team on a daily basis. Give regular constructive feedback and recognise good behaviour/performance. Proactively address areas of poor performance with the team and support them to improve.
  • Regularly meet with the team/team leaders to set and review performance standards
  • Identify training needs across the team and design/source training that will meet these requirements.
  • Invest in the personal development of the team, continuously improving their soft skills, customer service, technical skills and problem solving.
  • Plan workload and colleague resource levels to meet customer and business expectations.
  • Ensure core team functions are resilient, reducing or removing any single points of failure.
  • Take ownership of recruiting new team members in accordance with any Talent Acquisition policies.

Lead Applications Engineering teams in delivery of:

  • Write code in appropriate languages, principally C#, PHP or Javascript.
  • Design the architecture of new application components and achieve internal sign off for development specifications where required.
  • Develop applications and features to meet customer/project requirements.
  • Use the company’s chosen methodology/process eg Agile.
  • Thoroughly test new features or developments to make sure they perform the desired task correctly in all cases. Test sites / applications in different environments as necessary.
  • Work with Quality Assurance teams/processes to validate builds ready for launch.
  • Launch development projects, staying available to ensure success. Ensure all change processes are followed.
  • Ensure appropriate documentation/updates are provided to relevant colleagues/customers.
  • Candidates are preferred to have a solid educational background, STEM Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Engineering other qualifications will be taken into consideration.

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Salim Noorani

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