Recruiting a Japanese-Speaking QA Test Analyst

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Recruiting a Japanese-Speaking QA Test Analyst for Our Berkshire based Clients

CLIENT BACKGROUND: ​Our Clients was a global software development company with a strong presence in the Japanese market. The company required a bilingual Quality Assurance (QA) Test Analyst proficient in both Japanese and English to ensure seamless communication with Japanese clients and internal teams.



The objective was to find a highly proficient QA Test Analyst fluent in both Japanese and English, with a background in software testing and experience working in a multicultural environment. The candidate needed to have excellent communication skills and be capable of coordinating with Japanese-speaking clients.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to identify a candidate with a strong background in software testing, fluency in Japanese and English, cultural understanding, and the ability to effectively liaise with both Japanese clients and internal stakeholders.

The Approach:

1. Client Consultation:

We conducted detailed discussions with Our Clients hiring team to understand the specific requirements, expectations, technology stack, and the importance of Japanese language proficiency for the QA Test Analyst role.

2. Position Profiling:

Collaborated with the client to create a comprehensive job description and candidate profile, emphasising the need for fluency in Japanese and English, along with standard QA responsibilities and qualifications.

3. Targeted Recruitment:

Utilised industry-specific job boards, professional networking platforms, and strategic partnerships to target potential candidates with relevant experience in technology marketing.

4. Language and Technical Assessments:

Implemented language proficiency assessments and technical tests to evaluate candidates’ fluency in Japanese and English, as well as their skills and knowledge related to software testing and QA methodologies.

5. Candidate Screening and Interviews:

Conducted initial screenings and interviews to assess candidates’ language skills, experience in software testing, understanding of Japanese business etiquette, and their ability to work in a multicultural team.

6. Reference Checks and Background Verification:

Conducted thorough reference checks and background verification, focusing on candidates’ language skills, work experience, and cultural adaptability in a professional setting.

7. Presentation of Shortlisted Candidates:

Presented a curated list of highly qualified bilingual candidates to Our Clients hiring team, highlighting their language proficiency, experience, and potential contributions to the organisation.

8. Candidate Collaboration:

Facilitated further interviews and discussions between Our Clients hiring team and the shortlisted candidates to ensure a cultural fit and alignment with the company’s objectives.

9. Offer Negotiation and Onboarding Assistance:

Assisted in negotiating terms, compensation packages, and benefits, ensuring a smooth transition for the selected candidate during the onboarding process, including relocation if necessary.

10. Post-Placement Follow-Up:

Maintained open communication with Our Clients and the newly hired QA Test Analyst to ensure a successful onboarding experience, address any concerns, and gather feedback for continuous improvement.


Successfully identified and placed a highly proficient QA Test (Yuki) Analyst fluent in Japanese and English, meeting Our Clients specific requirements. The new QA Test Analyst played a vital role in improving communication with Japanese clients, ensuring high-quality software products, and enhancing the company’s reputation in the Japanese market. This hire led to strengthened client relationships and increased client satisfaction, contributing to the company’s global success.

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