Are people hung up on job titles? They sure are. And why would they not be? We will look into that in detail. But first, let’s ponder over what would be the situation in an ideal world.

In a perfect reality, some would argue that all that would matter would be the work done well and one would feel sated with the internal gratification brought about by the successful execution of a task.

But then, are labels so bad? Should one be judged harshly for wanting to be rightly acknowledged for their accomplishments?

Let’s now look into why job titles are so very important to people. A fancy, rightly earned job title can be such a boost to one’s self-esteem. It makes a person feel accomplished and leads them onto the path of self actualization. Another big bonus of a particular job title is the pay raise it might bring with it.

Now who doesn’t want to earn more money? Job titles can also grant certain perks to the holder, like the use of executive washrooms, reserved parking area, private working space, etc. Some might scoff at the idea of these little privileges, but they do bring tiny joys to the recipients. Then there is also the matter of how one is viewed amongst their co-workers.

To be able to command more respect and authority matters to all on some level. Job titles also highlight for the title holder the worth they have for their organization. With the right job title, a person feels useful and valued for their skills at the work place.

This can be a huge motivating factor for the worker, only making them more productive. True acknowledgement can do wonders. Job titles are also monumentally crucial in giving a clear picture to the employee about where they are headed, setting out responsibilities expected from them to execute and laying out goals to be achieved.

Titles build a transparent hierarchy at the work place. A worker aspires to reach up to the next level, and for that, to know what is next for them is paramount. People want good flashy job titles also because they make for a good resume. It matters to a person to be able to flaunt a worthy job title to their prospective recruiter or employer. With this plethora of reasons, it only makes too much sense why people obsess over job titles.

Considering how much importance job titles hold, it is imperative that the recruiters are transparent about job descriptions that go with the titles. Also, employers must be mindful to assign good value to job titles and have titles for their employees that make sense. (And avoid titles such as Happiness Manager!) Titles for job should also be negotiable.

Titles can drastically change the way a business is viewed by others and how productive its employees are; job titles make an organization look well-structured and employee-friendly, and they can empower the workers.


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