Every single day there is more job recruitments than the last day – trust me, this seemingly romanticised notion is only but; figuring out how to hire well is a monstrous nightmare for recruiters and hiring managers. Let’s look into this. Not in the very distant past, candidates used to approach the hiring organisations. And now, the recruiters take the jobs to candidates.

This is thanks to the ever increasing demands for qualified workers. The competition approaching apt passive candidates for hiring and voluntary turnover of employees does not help. There is no handbook with perfect practical solutions to hiring challenges. We have not yet found a hiring savvy god amongst recruiters either. In the meanwhile, let’s be pragmatic. There seems to be an easy fix: hire graduates.

Employing graduates to overcome hiring challenges – too simple, but why not? Graduates have the latest educational training, which means only a better qualified applicant pool. It would be hard to argue with the idea that the post-millennials and generation Z are more ambitious than their immediate seniors.

Employees who are eager to learn and brimming with ideas cannot be too bad. Besides, hiring enthusiastic active job-seekers rather than pursuing passive, not-looking-for-another-job-currently candidates is obviously less of a trouble: active candidates are happier with a lesser stipend while passive candidates almost only follow the money.

Another cost-cut can be when you hire a graduate who has specialized education for the job rather than promoting your current employees or hiring from other organisations, because then you do not have to train them. Costs cut just by hiring graduates – happy CFOs!

Let’s also look into the one big problem with hiring fresh graduates: lack of experience. That is also an issue because past performance currently stands as the gold standard for assessing if the hire is right. How can you trust credentials on paper, one-off screening tests, a single interview conversation or even performance-predicting algorithms over the evidence of past performed tasks? Recruiters and hiring managers obviously cannot.

Thing is, they do not have to. Regardless of any efforts made to ensure you are hiring the right person, the hiring of new recruits remains a gamble. If so, then why not take the risk of hiring graduates who have not yet proven what they can do, but they are eagerly willing to offer what they have? What they lack in experience, they more than make up for in their zeal, energy, and their resoluteness for learning.

In the ever-evolving world we live in, we have to value the capacity for growth amongst new recruits above all else; it can be said that to be able to metamorphose is superior to having pretty wings of fixed colors.

The challenges to hiring shall remain ever-mutating in the foreseeable future, and the recruiters can keep making an effort to catch on to figure ways around these challenges, but we must go on and the days shall pass and our esteemed organisations can keep the world running by recruiting graduates.

You never know, this in itself might help overcome the challenges in question.


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