Is it a good idea to micro-manage your senior employees? The general response seems to be that micro-management of senior level hires is quite undesirable. In fact, a micro-managing manager is one of the top three reasons for employees to leave work. However, this scrutinizing way of management might serve some purposes.

It is important to understand the phenomenon itself. Micro-management is the kind of guidance system for employees where the managers control and closely look over every aspect of the assigned task.

Rather than tasks being assigned, the managers give step by step instructions about how to do the job. In more cynical terms, it is the excessive supervision of employees. Managers hold all the power, while employees have none. This can be detrimental to a person’s professional growth. For workers who work under micro-managers for prolonged periods, their self esteem can also be affected for the worse.

To have your boss breathing down your neck and criticizing you excessively while not giving you room to try things your way and learn from your mistakes seems in no way a good idea, and this is especially an impediment to work itself when senior level employees are prevented from spear-heading an assignment.

Senior level workers need to be confident leaders and for them to evolve to that position, they need to have the space to run things their way and to be able to do work shouldering the responsibility effectively.

For that to happen, managers need to bear in mind to delegate work to workers in positions of responsibility at least and at most provide them with constructive feedback.

Micro-management can be useful too. When new recruits are hired, they are in need of close supervision until they get their footing in the hiring organizing and get apprised with the work, culture, work team and the environment. In times of crisis too – be it a conflict between colleagues or an economic dip – the manager taking a stronger charge may help steer the establishment in the direction it needs.

There can also be circumstances where an employee finds themselves in need of guidance from the manager and need them to take him/her through the task with meticulous mentor ship.

Having a strong leader who takes charge when need be can be productive for work; micromanagers are not all that bad.

The question of micro-management should be put forth to managers and employees and the merits and demerits of this style of management analyzed – this can serve as a useful guide for managers. So far, it seems that micro-management can be an effective strategy when employed in particular situations, yet more generally it is counterproductive for work and for the workers.


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