Interview preparation can be a daunting prospect. One small slip during the interview and you lose the chance of pursuing your long term dreams and goals. Scared? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. Anxiety and apprehension before an interview is fairly common. Some people go as far as to develop ergophobia —a phobia of interviews.

Work place professionalism and stress can play up on anyone’s nerves, but in times like these one should not fret and the primary focus should be to determine what can be done about it?

Preparation beforehand can help ease a lot of undue stress. From examining job description to putting your qualifications in order, the interview preparation can be a lengthy process but it all pays off once you excel at that interview.

It is important to thoroughly research common interview questions and prepare insightful answers. Responses should be brief but at the same time sufficiently detailed so that it doesn’t appear as if you were deflecting the interviewer’s questions.

Having mock interviews with a buddy or with yourself in the mirror can come in handy too. You can focus on your speaking voice and make sure it is polite, audible and clear. The body language should be confident. Using your hands to communicate and elaborate your points during the interview is a smart way to come off as self-assured and expressive.

Despite popular opinion, interviews are not one-way conversations. They can be highly interactive sessions as well. Hence research about the company and the job you’re applying for and ask them whatever questions you may have. This would show your interest and commitment to the job.

Ironed dress, polished shoes, combed hair and a good spelling perfume are all musts. Although these may sound trivial, but they play a key role in helping you make an immediate good impression. If you want your entry to have an impact, you have to work to woo the interviewer’s immediate senses. Your intellectualism and portfolio of achievements come much later in the game.

But style can make the immediate first impression you are aiming for. Besides looking good can contribute to you feeling good and that has its own charms.

The way you enter and the way you leave both say a great deal about who you are. So a greeting at the start and gratitude at the end go a long way. A smiling face and a warm greeting are all good openers —but in moderation. Too friendly an attitude can contradict work place professionalism.

During the interview, breathing deeply can help people stay calm. And this is indeed something that can be practiced beforehand. Breathing exercises everyday can reduce stress, calm a person down and give them the look of a very good listener.

You can practice every day and see what breathing rhythm works for you and then use it whenever a stressful situation arises. Since interviews are tense and tricky situations, one must never skip a good breakfast. An empty stomach will only aggravate matters.

Once all preparatory measures are taken to stay calm and cool, hopefully there should be no impediment to a successful interview.


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