We Seek high and low, and in between all day every day


Client Charter

To all Our Clients, the team at Jam Management work as a team to exceed our clients expectations at all time.

We under promise over deliver kind of mind-set.

We are thought provokers, thinking out side the recruitment bubble is something we take pride in, trying to make a difference to make a  positive impact on people’s lives in and out of their professional outlook.  We are big on the fact that we find people that make work happen, but also in support of work life balance.

We find that the more productive work force is when the client understands the needs of their employees, that employee will stay loyal to the cause, and the bigger picture, and to the growth of the company.  We like working with clients that appreciate the human touch.

We understand that in some cases time is money, but we don’t want you as our client to waste good earned money on a bad recruit.  A bad recruit will set you back more than just money, they will set you back on time, money, reputation, resentment, and even some-times hatred.  A quick recruit may also not be the answer, its just like signing a player in the January transfer market, is it work taking a gamble just because your competitors are taking on more people than you?  We are here to guide, fact find, and present to you candidates that meet our expectations, our trust and confidence.  We are an extended arm of your HR functionality.  We want you to win at all times

Respect and trust is earn’t, and not a given.  We will always aim to under promise and over deliver, as a company that is our belief, our ambitions is to grow with our clients but never taking away the lime-light in our presentation of our candidates.

Our dialog with you as our client will be crystal.  Our commitment to your hiring process will be given our teams full attention.  You will be working with us, you will always be working with a senior recruiter, but other behind the scene will also be working hard to make things happen.  From our clients we find out what are the key points of their recruitment process, we find out the cultural blending,  the flavour of their candidate, what do the candidates need to succeed with our client organisation, we investigate all angles of the clients Job Specification.  The best candidates don’t apply for a position, they are found, and now on a Global scale.

We would love to make an impact on the growth og your Organisation, Our team is growing with people from all walks of life, we encourage our team to learn, develop and lead.  We work with workable people, we promote open and honest dialog.  Please get in touch


Candidate Charter

JAM Management has a long standing reputation of being extremely thorough when it comes to the selection criteria of our candidates. What starts as an intimidating and rigorous selection process is concluded as the most viable and effective way of recruiting the absolute best from the crowd.

Our recruiters possess the expertise to not only sniff out the talents but to cultivate and shape those into an everyday reality. If you have the skill yet not the platform then JAM Management is your ultimate safe haven. We responsibly lead our candidates into the future they envision for themselves by providing them with the perfect fit for their skills.

Moreover, we understand the intricate balance of workplace relationships. We take into factor the subtle but strong impact that a workplace has on the personal life. Hence we take special care to ensure that our candidates have a work environment that is best suited to their temperaments and needs. Our priority is for you to have a successful and sustainable job experience; and we are aware of the role that mental health plays in achieving that. At no cost whatsoever will we ever risk or compromise the mental health or stability of our recruits. Hence we take measures to curb the stressful and competitive work environment that may trigger or upset the well-being of all those who work with us.

If you are a candidate who needs guidance into the early startup of his work and require counsel for the unfamiliar path ahead, worry not! For JAM Management will be your reliable companion through the thick and thin of it all. From interview preparations to application shortcuts, JAM Management helps candidates strategize and present an impressive profile, presenting the absolute best that they have to offer. We bring out the capabilities which the candidates themselves didn’t believe they had the capacity to possess. Our marvel and our job here is for you to achieve your goal and this is what gratifies us.

Be it graduates looking for their very first job experience or the ones looking for a change in their career path –we cater to your individual and specific needs. We work methodically by negotiating the terms of your work and establishing a patient dialogue with our candidates and clients to ensure that both parties reach the favorable and desired outcome. As speedy and efficient as our work ethic might be, we take our time to listen to you and your needs because we value and understand your personal journey. We will not give up until you find your perfect fit.

Here at JAM Management we offer a work experience which you can treasure for a lifetime. Abundant opportunities flow through our doors, you need only grab your best match and get started with us!

Graduate Placements

If you are a graduate looking to find your footing in the professional world, we are here for you. We want you to find the work that you are best suited for and that fulfills your career goals in the long term. We will be with you along every step of the process. We are rooting for you.

Executive Appointments

If you’re looking for a leader – an interim or permanent Director, CxO, Business or Client Director, or you have a project that requires a talented consultant, we offer a bespoke service for senior level appointments.


Growth has returned to the telecoms sector after a long period of decline which has increased the need for more qualified staff across the board. Utilizing this national and international network, we source and supply the best, highly-skilled and specialized candidates in the telecom sector; from across multinational telco businesses to start-ups. JAM Management have supplied extensively across global vendors, carriers, operators, systems integrator, and consultancies.


We employ a holistic approach in our candidate search and talent acquisition. We endeavor to know our candidates as individuals. We learn of their strengths, interests, talents, and experiences and match them with the job specifications to pragmatically achievable perfection. There is never a compromise on the well-being of our clients and candidates. While we effectively use digital marketing – we have up our game especially in these changing times – we pair it with the human touch, which is what makes our process exceptionally efficacious.

Digital Marketing

As customers can access an international range of companies at a moment’s notice, it’s safe to say that there has never been so much competition for businesses. If you use the web to reach your customer base, digital marketing is your key to getting the most from it. We work with all digital marketing experts who are often required to have expert digital knowledge. We know that the ideal people for these roles need to be flexible and we endeavour to find the perfect candidate for every role.

The Global Perspective

Digital revolution, customer-led economy, shifting demographics and constant rapid change are creating new ways of working and demand for talent globally. We help businesses think ahead of the curve and build brand recognition with top talent to future-proof their growth.
Digital revolution, customer-led economy, shifting demographics and constant rapid change are creating new ways of working and demand for talent globally. We help businesses think ahead of the curve and build brand recognition with top talent to future-proof their growth


We’re able to draw upon an enviable network of talent in Technology sector, even before we approach the wider market. This is where our long-term focus on the individual truly pays dividends: we’ve retained relationships with a huge range of exceptional technology people. Looking further afield, we’ll use industry networking, referrals, advertising and social media – whatever intelligent strategies are appropriate to provide you with highly-matched, quality individuals.